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The Mother’s Shepherd kit

  1. Information folder: A comprehensive guide providing essential information to navigate the changes happening to your body, including other women’s first-hand account of miscarriage to help better prepare you.

  2. Keepsake items: A watercolor forget-me-not flower, the symbol of pregnancy loss.

  3. Comfort items: A ‘scrunchie’, and a handmade microwaveable heating pack

  4. Sanitary supplies:           

     -Pads, depends, and a peri-bottle to provide comfort and help manage discharge             and bleeding. 

     -Disposable gloves and chux pads to ensure hygiene.

     -Reusable and disposable bags and containers for safely and discreetly transporting       tissue for burial or genetic testing.

    -Specimen collection hats, designed to securely fit the toilet, allowing for safe and         hygienic collection of tissue and blood during the miscarriage process.

    The mission behind the kit

    Introducing The Mother's Shepherd, a compassionate companion for women navigating the challenging journey of pregnancy loss. Our mission is to provide a comprehensive kit, meticulously curated to facilitate the safe passage of pregnancy tissue within the comfort of one's home. 


    Driven by the personal experience of the miscarriage of my baby, Shepherd, born at only 12 weeks gestation, we are dedicated to ensuring that these kits become the gold standard of care. Our vision extends beyond individual homes, aiming to make them readily available in every hospital, emergency department, esteemed OB/GYN and Midwifery offices, women's clinics and care centers, and even correctional facilities.

    With The Mother's Shepherd, we aspire to offer solace, support, and practical resources to women during this delicate time. By embracing our kits, we hope to empower women to navigate their unique journey of pregnancy loss with dignity, compassion, and the utmost care.

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